Arabica Coffee Seeds for planting Non GMO – Grow Outdoors

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Arabica Coffee Seeds for planting Non GMO – Grow Outdoors
— Original Package, 50 Seeds Of Each Pack

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    Arabica Coffee Seeds for planting Non GMO – Grow Outdoors
    100% Organic Seeds We offer the highest quality 100% organic seeds online at the best price. All our seeds are non GMO

    Easy Peasy Guide to Growing Arabica Coffee Seeds Outdoors!

    Hey there, future coffee farmer! Ready to dive into the wonderful world of growing your own Arabica coffee plants? Let's get started with this super simple guide:

    1. Find Your Seeds: Hunt down some Arabica coffee seeds. Look for the non-GMO kind, keeping it all natural from the start.

    2. Spot Selection: Coffee plants are like sun worshippers, so pick a sunny spot in your yard for them. Make sure the soil there drains well, too.

    3. Soil Prep: Loosen up that dirt! Mix in some compost or other organic stuff to make the soil extra cozy for your coffee babies.

    4. Planting Party: Time to get those seeds in the ground! Dig tiny holes about half an inch deep and drop a seed in each one. Cover 'em up gently with soil and give 'em a pat.

    5. Watering Wisdom: Keep the soil moist, not soggy. Water your seeds regularly, especially if it's dry outside. But don't drown 'em—coffee plants don't like wet feet!

    6. Patience Is Key: Growing coffee takes time, so don't start tapping your foot just yet. Be patient and keep an eye on your little sprouts.

    7. Look for Green: After a while, you should see some green poking through the soil. That's your cue to throw a mini party—your coffee journey has officially begun!

    8. TLC Time: Treat your coffee plants like royalty. Keep watering them, fend off any pests, and maybe even serenade them with your favorite tunes.

    9. Big Move: When your plants are big enough, think about transplanting them into bigger pots or straight into your garden if it's cozy out there.

    10. Harvest Happiness: After a few years of love and care, your plants will start producing coffee cherries. When they're ripe, pick 'em, brew 'em, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

    Growing Arabica coffee from seeds is like having your own little coffee adventure at home. So, grab those seeds, get your hands dirty, and let's grow some coffee together!