Asparagus Green Organic Seeds – Heirloom, Open Pollinated, Non GMO

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Asparagus Green Organic Seeds – Heirloom, Open Pollinated, Non GMO
— Original Package, 50 Seeds Of Each Pack

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    Asparagus Green Organic Seeds – Heirloom, Open Pollinated, Non GMO
    100% Organic Seeds We offer the highest quality 100% organic seeds online at the best price. All our seeds are non GMO and are harvested using sustainable practices. Most folks don’t need hundreds of single crop seeds for their backyard gardens. We offer smaller batches so you can grow different fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.

    Easy-Peasy Guide to Growing Organic Asparagus from Seeds

    Hey there, future garden guru! Ready to dive into growing your own delicious asparagus? Let's roll up our sleeves and get started with this beginner-friendly guide!

    Step 1: Gather Your Gear Grab your asparagus seeds - make sure they're the green, organic, heirloom, open-pollinated, non-GMO kind. You'll also need:

    • Potting soil or a spot in your garden with good drainage.
    • Basic gardening tools like a shovel, rake, and watering can.
    • A sunny spot for your asparagus to soak up some rays.

    Step 2: Planting Party Time to get those seeds in the ground (or pot)! Here's the scoop:

    1. If you're using a garden bed, loosen up the soil and mix in some compost if it needs a boost.
    2. Plant your seeds about an inch deep, spaced about a foot apart. If you're using a pot, make sure it's big enough and plant a few seeds together.
    3. Give 'em a good drink of water, but don't drown 'em. Keep the soil moist, not soggy.

    Step 3: Wait it Out Patience is key, my friend! Here's what to expect:

    • It can take a couple of weeks for your seeds to pop up. Keep 'em cozy and moist.
    • In the first year, let your plants grow into cute little ferns. No harvesting yet!
    • Second year is when the magic happens.

    Step 4: TLC Time Give your asparagus babies some love:

    • Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during hot spells.
    • Watch out for any pesky bugs or diseases. If you spot any trouble, take care of it ASAP.
    • Mulch around your plants to keep weeds away and hold onto that precious moisture.

    Step 5: Harvest Happiness Woohoo, it's harvest time! Here's how to do it right:

    • When those spears reach about 6-8 inches tall, they're ready to be picked. Snap 'em off at ground level or use a knife.
    • Harvest for a couple of weeks, then give your plants a break to grow back stronger for next time.
    • After the harvest season, let the remaining spears grow into ferns to recharge for next year.

    That's it, my green-thumbed pal! You're now a proud asparagus grower. Wasn't that a breeze? Now go enjoy those tasty spears straight from your garden! Happy growing!